From the Office of the CEO



Nearing the Thanksgiving Holiday always gives us pause to consider all that has gone before us in the past year. As a community bank, Fairfield County Bank has had many successes over the past year; some small, some larger all focused on the needs of our customers, our communities, and our employees. Our commitment to supporting local charities and community events is unfaltering. We recognize it is not just the generosity of the bank providing financial support but rather the generosity and spirit of our employees as they volunteer their time and services to local organizations.

We have held Toy Drives, Elder Care Education, CPA training and Shred Days at our branches. We have supported and participated in United Way Youth Summit programs and Day of Action events, we provided Ann’s Place with teams of walkers and volunteers, and these are a just of few of the more than 300 local organizations we have supported.

We understand that the products we offered five years ago may not be the right fit for the customer today; we are steadfast in tradition and acknowledge our customers who like things just the way they are, and we work to keep the balance between the new and the tried and true.  We evaluate our service offering, our market place competitors, our customer and employee satisfaction and work diligently always to improve in all such areas.

Our list of successes is comprehensive so here some highlights of the year.
This year we have:

  • Simplified some of our lending products.
  • Worked to do the same for our deposit products. 
  • We have reviewed our forms catalog and have made efforts to reduce form overload.
  • We have improved our Mobile and Online Banking offerings and have experienced increased enrollment and usage. 
  • We introduced digital wallets starting with Apple and moving to the soon to be released Samsung wallet. 
  • We have begun the roll out of EMV, chip technology debit cards.
  • We have automated our wire process providing for a more efficient process and better delivery.
  • We are bringing Chat to our website.

Fairfield County Bank takes debit card fraud seriously. The embedded chips in our new cards provide an added level of protection; that is improved security and heightened confidence that card fraud is least likely to happen with a chip-enabled card. This tiny chip protects from fraud by creating a one-time use code for each transaction. We have also addressed the needs for security and fraud protection in our online Cash Management suite and have begun the implementation of the new RSA security tokens. We dedicated the Month of October to National Cyber Security Awareness, posting cyber security information, tips, tests and hotlines on social media and our website. We also provided employee education on the Bank’s Intranet with articles, a blog, and tests.

While all this has been happening, we are providing exemplary service to our customers; in every branch, in every call, in every loan application and closing and each service channel option. It is our employee partnerships of the front line and the back office or operating departments and the belief in our service commitment which serve to make us a success.

So as we draw near to the holiday for giving thanks, Thanksgiving, and through the remainder of the year, let us say how thankful we are for this beautiful country we live in, the small successes of our business, the energy and commitment of our staff, and the kindness of our community.

We wish you and your’s a Happy Healthy Holiday Season and a bright and prosperous 2017.



David A. Schneider

Chief Executive Officer


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