From the Office of the CEO


The Annual Meeting of the Bank was held on July 19, 2016. We are pleased to report Fairfield County Bank had another good year. July is always a time for us to reflect on our achievements over the past year. This year we achieved our 145th year of continuous operation and extended the scope of our reflection to the evolution of the banking industry and our bank in particular over this time span. It is hard to imagine that the first telephone was invented four years after the bank was chartered in 1871 and the first electric light bulb was eight years after the bank began.

We remain strong and well positioned to serve the ever-growing financial needs or our Customers and our Communities. We are committed to creating the best in class services and products whether in the branch, online or on mobile devices.

Our capabilities span a tremendous range of personal and business solutions, offering banking, insurance, and investments. We consistently place in the Top Ten of residential lenders in a field of 190 plus competitors. We are in the top ten banks for deposit footings in Fairfield County, number one in Ridgefield and number four in Norwalk.

We continually renew and expand our ATM network, recently adding an ATM and Self-Service Coin Counter at 401 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT. Focusing on the consumer and business need for convenient banking, we are planning a renewal program for our ATMs, to bring all up to the standard of today’s technology.  This will bring more capabilities such as imaged deposits, cardless transactions allowing cash withdrawals with a few clicks of your smartphone and the option to speak with a customer service representative, through Interactive Teller machines.

Our commitment to service is paramount to our success. We continue to enhance our technology and offer relevant, innovative products and services. Most recently we added the ability to activate or deactivate your Fairfield County Bank debit card in our mobile banking app, secure form submission, along with access to account statements and the ability to set a warning for transaction activities.  We also launched Apple Pay as a secure and convenient way to make in-store and in-app purchases.

We understand that our service solutions must meet the requirements of our customers, to that end we have created an Innovation Team to design, develop and implement new product and service strategies.

Our commitment to service is evidenced by our training initiatives and requirements for our staff. We regularly measure customer service experiences through online surveys and in-person mystery shoppers. We are pleased to report we receive many great reviews.

Our website has been redesigned to a responsive format enabling positive viewing and experiences for the user whether on a mobile device, tablet or PC. We see our website as a work in progress and have an extensive plan for continuous improvement and user-friendly features.

All of our technological advances and offerings are supported by a foundation created more than 145 years ago. Our talented and experienced staff target improved accommodation and accessibility for all things technology and all person-to-person service experiences.

Our strategy for success is caring and doing the right thing. Our tradition of empowering employees, investing for the long-term and dedication to the betterment of our communities has served us well.

To learn more read our 2016 Annual report: click here.



David A. Schneider

Chief Executive Officer