Cyber Security


Cyber Security


Fairfield County Bank recognizes your need for privacy and security as you visit our website and utilize online and mobile banking. Described below are ways we protect your online privacy.

  • ATM Security
  • ATM Safety Tips
  • Keeping you protected:

    • Our website:

      • Secured Socket Layer –  SSL is an encryption method that we use to protect the information transmitted between our website and your computer.
      • Electronic Mail - Our email form allows you to safely contact us by sending secure information through our form rather than through public email. The form is encrypted when it is sent over the Internet which helps protect this information from being intercepted.
      • Firewalls & Routers –  We control and verify the data transmissions that gain access to our internal computer network through firewalls and routers.


    • Online & Mobile Banking:

      • Multi-factor authentication
      • Session time out
      • Secure messaging
      • Only last four-digits of your account number are visible

    While the internet is a resourceful tool to find answers, stay up-to-date on news, shopping, and more, it is important to take precautions to keep your identity safe while online. The following articles contain information that can help you keep your information protected.


    The websites below are two resources that provide tips on how to keep yourself protected on the internet.